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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Un-Rehearsed Christmas Pageant and Chil Supper

Date: Sunday, December 15, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM -

What Is An Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant?


            If you have not heard of it yet, We are planning an Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant for Sunday, December 15th .  But what is an unrehearsed Christmas Pageant?

             The typical Church Christmas Pageant is a telling of the Christmas story by our children by means of a play.  Usually there are about three weeks worth of chaotic rehearsals which require young children to memorize lines and where they are supposed to be during the play.  The result is often quite jumbled with children showing up in the wrong places at the wrong times and forgetting their lines.  None of that usually matters much to the parents and families because they simply came to see their own child anyway.

              The Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant produces much the same result without all the angst associated with rehearsals and trying to get young children to memorize a script.  The children dress up as Shepherds, Sheep, Stars, Angels and Wise Persons.  There is a narrator to tell the story, supported by congregational singing of Christmas Carols.  Everyone enjoys participating in the program (there are opportunities for adults to dress up as well).  Please come and join with us as we remember the story of Christ's Birth.

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