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At GraceWorks, we seek ways to expand our services to help those in our community who are hurting. Last year we became aware of the lack of food security for children in some of our local schools. Some children who are on the free/reduced lunch program at school do not have enough food at home on the weekends or holidays away from school.

GraceWorks is in urgent need of several items for its food pantry. They particularly need items for weekly FUEL bags, which provide nutritious food on the weekends to students on the free/reduced lunch program. Fuel Bags are small bags filled with nutritious and easily prepared food items. Each Friday teachers discreetly pack the Fuel Bags in the children’s backpacks before they leave for the weekend, helping to supplement their food at home.  GraceWorks has provided 211 FUEL bags to three elementary schools. This is a considerable increase over last year, and supplies are dwindling fast. Items containing protein are really needed.

Needed for 
FUEL BAGS (individual sizes only, please): cereals, pudding cups, gelatin cups, 4-oz. canned fruit cups, 8-oz. shelf-stable boxed milk, tuna or chicken salad with crackers and microwavable individual meals such as macaroni and cheese, spaghetti with meatballs and lasagna.  Snack packs containing cheese provide much-needed protein.

The FOOD PANTRY also needs regular-sized items for the many families we serve. Right now the shelves for many personal hygiene items are empty, and those cannot be purchased with food stamps.
Needed for the Food Pantry:  shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, size 5 and 6 diapers, baby wipes, bath soap, paper towels, Kleenex, 48-oz. juices, crackers and cereal.

Your help is greatly needed to meet this growing challenge. Donations can be dropped off at 
GraceWorks from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

We also would like to invite any groups looking for volunteer opportunities to come and help assemble Fuel Bags on Thursday evenings from 5-7 pm. This is an excellent choice for scouts, youth groups or other children’s groups. 

If interested, please contact or (615) 794-9055, Ext. 18 to sign up.